My Top Five Things Favorite Things In My House!

 Hey! Have you ever thought about your top five things… ever? I never really did, until today. But if I had to choose, this is what I would pick. Here’s my top five things that I found around my house!

1 . My favorite thing in the whole wide world is music. Without music, I wouldn’t be half the person I am now. That’s why I’d have to pick my iPod for my first favorite thing in my house. When I’m at home, it doesn’t matter what I’m doing, you can see me almost 80% of the time with headphones in my ears. Once, I went to blow my nose with my earphones in. Here’s a little piece of advice: Don’t ever blow your nose with earphones in. Not exactly a walk in the park if you ask me!(: Anyway, back to my point. My iPod goes everywhere with me, even if it isn’t charged, because there might be some terrible emergency where I need to listen to my music.(: Even when I’m in the car, the radio is on. I don’t really mind what it is, I’ll listen to pretty much anything. Being a dancer, music is a huge part of my life, and I honestly don’t think I could live without it. I kill the replay button on my iTunes for myLinkinPark playlist. They’re my favorite band! My iPod has been through so much, and that’s why it is my favorite thing.

2. My next favorite thing that you can find in my house is food. Any kind of food, any time of day, hot or cold, spicy or bland, I’ll eat it! Some girls my age watch what they eat, but I’m totally the opposite. I’ll eat anything I want, anytime. I’m very active all year-round, so what I eat doesn’t really bother me. Unlike other kids my age, I’ll eat almost any kind of fruit or vegetable, except bananas and celery. Apple sauce is one of my favorite foods, and I eat it almost every day. I also love chocolate (like most other people on the planet) and my mom’s soups. They are some of my favorite things to eat. Like I said, I’m not a picky eater, which is why food is another one of my favorite things in my house.

3. My next favorite thing that you can find in my house is my computer. (This one is tied with my cell phone, because I can’t decide!) I have a purple Dell laptop, which my parents got me for Christmas last year. I love my laptop, and I use it least once every day. It’s a little lower on the list because it’s big, and not very portable. ): But I still love it anyway. My little brother always hogs the family computer, so my laptop is my lifeline when it comes to homework.(: Most kids use their computers just for things like Facebook, but I use mine all the time, for all different reasons. It’s saved my life so many times that I’ve left something at school. That’s why my laptop is number three on my favorite things you can find in my house.

4. My fourth favorite thing in my house is my ballet shoes. I know this sounds weird, but I’m a dancer. That pretty much explains it. I dance at Savage Dance Company in Maryland, and my life basically revolves around dance. I take ballet, modern, lyrical/contemporary, jazz, tap, and usually every year I compete with the Company, and travel around to conventions like The Pulse, Nuvo, and some others. Even though my dance shoes are usually worn down and sweaty, they’re really comforting to me. I’ve been dancing since I was four years old, (my first production was when I was five) and my shoes are kind of like an old freind to me. Even though they hurt my feet so bad after dancing for hours, but I have still to even begin thinking about how much worse it would be without them. So, since I’m a dancer, and that’s practically 60% (if not more) of my life, my ballet shoes are my fourth favorite item in my hosue.

5. My fifth favorite thing you can find in my house is my Amika straightener. I use it every morning, and it has saved my life so many time in the past three years.(: I just recently had a zebra print one, but it broke (bummer!) so now I am using my mom’s old Conair. Literally, almost every single morning of the year, I get up and plug my straightener in. It’s like a morning tradition for me. I am currently looking online for a giraffe print one, because I don’t think I can live without it for any longer!(: Anyway, being the crazy hair freak that I am, my fifth favorite item you can find in my house is my straightener! 😀

So, this has been my top five favorite things you can find in my house. Thanks for reading! Check back in soon!


6 thoughts on “My Top Five Things Favorite Things In My House!

  1. Oh my gosh I love to dance!!!(; It is like my life, I live and breathe for dance. I also love my straightner too, although I don’t always straighten my hair. I would die if I didn’t have my straightner! I’m also pretty active too and I do what you do, hah, so I don’t have any problems with eating either!(:

  2. OMG we are so alike! (: <3 I love to dance but I can’t dance a good as you though... but anyway I also love my iPod! I HAVE AN IPOD TOUCH TOO! I also have a laptop but mines black and shinny! (: I also love food like you said I'll eat what ever I want whenever I want! By the way I love your blog and the zebra print straightener Come visit my blog at!

  3. Molly.! I love your list.! I’m the exact same way with my straightener.! I love it too much too even let it break(: You and I are like two peas in a pod (I’m soooo old fashioned). You know what you shoud do.? Check out my blog (again.!) at Come visit my blog at
    -Megann :{D <333

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