How to play Adventure Atlantis

     Imagine this. You’re an explorer whose job is to go discover the underwater world of Atlantis. Your original purpose is to go explore the ruins of what used to be said was an underwater civilization that occupied somewhere near thePillars of Hercules around 9600 BC. Along the way, though, you strike gold! In hope to become rich, you start collecting the ancient money, but get caught by crazed guards trying to protect the ruins of Atlantis, killing everyone in their path. As you run away from the crazed guards, you must continue to collect the coins and destroy your enemies before your oxygen tank runs out and you must return to the surface. Sounds complicated, right? Eh, not really. It’s actually quite simple. Here’s a level-by-level overview on how to complete each level that will help you destroy the guards and become rich as you uncover the secrets of the lost world, Atlantis!

     Welcome to level one! Level one is titled “Jackpot!” because you are collecting coins the entire level. You start the game by traveling up through the ocean into the start of the remains of Atlantis. The first goal of this level is to collect all the coins. As the adventurer, you came to collect artifacts, and this ancient money is one of these. You cannot complete the level without all the money, so you must be sure to collect all of it. The next goal of this level is to avoid the “guards” who are out to get you because you are stealing all the money from Atlantis! Since these guards can easily kill you, you must avoid them because you only have a limited amount of lives and can not afford to lose them. The last goal for this level is to beat the clock. You have to get from the bottom of the ocean to Atlantis before they begin to close the gates, so you have to go fast! As you can see, level one isn’t that complicated, but it does have many things to beat.

     Level two is titled “Target!” because now that the guards have discovered that you’ve broken into Atlantis, they have traps set for you. You must continue up through the ocean and get to the gate before time runs out so you can get into the city. The first goal you have for this level is to collect the coins. This is important because in order to reach the goal, you must have collected all points, just like in the first level. If not, you’ll have to go back and collect the ones you missed, and since this level is timed, you can’t afford to lose time that could put you behind and make you lose and have to replay the game. The next goal you have in this level is kill all the guards who are out to get you. You are given a gun in this level to use, so you must shoot all your enemies before you can pass through the gate into the city. The last goal is to make it to the finish line/gate before time runs out. Since the guards of Atlantis know you’re up to no good stealing their artifacts, they are closing the gate and you only have 45 seconds to complete this level. In conclusion, level two is a bit more complicated than level one.

     Level three is called “City Escape!” This level takes place in the actual ruined cities of Atlantis, and has many goals and obstacles you must avoid. You must travel on top of the buildings of the old city and get across to your boat which is waiting to take you back to shore. The first goal is to collect all the ancient money, which has also been a goal for the other levels. Like I’ve mentioned before, you can not complete the level without having all of them. The next goal is to avoid the dangerous pieces of rubble that stand in your way. Since the lost city ofAtlantisis considerably old, many of the buildings have tumbled and the dangerous ones will be represented by red blocks. You must avoid these because you only have three lives and cannot afford to lose any of them because you are already up against the guards. This leads me to the next goal. You must avoid the guards in this level, but because you are limited on time and trying to get out of the city, you do not have to kill them. You just need to avoid them because you do not want to die or get injured. One last goal you need to follow in order to complete this level is to beat the clock. Your submarine that is waiting to take you to shore is running out of air so you only have a limited amount of time before it has to head up without you. That’s why it’s important to travel fast before you run out of time. In conclusion, level three is the most complex of all three levels because it has the most obstacles.

     So there you have it; “Adventure Atlantis!” My game is about exploring the ruins of the lostlandofAtlantisas an adventurer. After traveling the three levels, “Jackpot!”, “Target!” and “City Escape!” you’ll have accomplished many things. By the end of the game, you will have collected ancient artifacts, destroyed the evil guards protecting the city, and you will also have new understanding about what Atlantis was like. Thanks for playing!

The Adventures of Flame Girl!

Hey there, internet readers! I’m Flame Girl, the most freaking awesome villain you will ever meet. Now, if you’re anything like me, you’re probably thinking, ‘Sooo, who is this Flame Girl chick, and if she’s so awesome, why haven’t I heard of her before?’ Yeah, I thought you’d say that. I’m not your everyday, ‘I-like-to-kill-people-for-fun-and-rob-banks-and-take-little-kids’-candy-because-I-have-no-life’ villain. I think of it more as a… Night job.(:

Anyway, how did I become a super villain, you ask? Well, it’s really quite simple. I mean, I guess it’s not. I mean, normal people don’t get bitten by radioactive spiders set on fire everyday. I don’t think, anyway. But then again, I’m not your everyday person. I’m a supervillain. If you haven’t figured that out already. Anway, one day, I was just walking outside to get my mail, with a bar of chocolate in my hand (which was my breakfast), and I saw this weird looking chick walk by. Her hair looked like she’d rolled through the woods a couple thousand times, and her clothes were like, so freaking 80’s. I rolled my eyes and grabbed my mail, and started walking in the other direction.

“Hello.” she said, biting her nails. She just stood there, like she was waiting for something. I had no idea what she wanted, but if she was trying to get her hands on my chocolate, she was gonna have to wait a lifetime. I quickly shoved the rest in my mouth.

“Uhh, hey?” I said, but it sounded more like a question. Especially because, you know, I had a mouthful of chocolate in my mouth. Oh well.

“Would you mind if I used your bathroom?” the witch-looking chick said, staring at me.

“Uhh, no, I don’t let creeps in my house.” I say, walking the other way. Geez, what a weirdo.

“Well, okay then…” the witch/thing looked down at her shoes. “Then I guess you wouldn’t mind if… I SET YOUR HOUSE ON FIRE!” She snaps her fingers. I was so confused, someone could have come and lit my shoes on fire, and I wouldn’t have known what was going on. Ha. That’s funny. You’ll understand after you read the next paragraph. Soooo hilarious.

“Whaaaaaaat?” I asked, turning. All of a sudden, my house burst into flames. Juuuuuuuust dandy. “Why the heck would you set my house on fire? Are you flipping insane?” I yelled at her.

Then, get this: The chick turned around and smiled at me. Yes, you heard me right. Smiled. I suddenly had a thought that maybe she’s from the looney bin, and escaped somehow. No normal person would set a person’s house on fire if they weren’t nuts.

“Well, I guess I’ll be going then.” The weirdo said, turning. I growled, which, I have an unnecessary talent for. I dropped my mail, swallowed my chocolate, and ran forward, jumping on her back.

“You’re not going anywhere until you fix my house!” I–you guessed it– growled in her ear. She snapped her fingers and my hair caught fire, and I jumped off of her, shrieking, and the fire instantly burned out. My hair was still singed on the ends, though.

The witch smiled at me once more, and reached into her (so 80s) shirt/robe thing, and pulled out a giant spider. She dropped it on the ground, snapped her fingers, and the monstrous thing caught fire. “Attack.” she said angelically, picking at her nails, and the spider started toward me. I raised my eyebrows at her.

“Yeah. Like I’m afraid of spiders.” I said, crossing my arms. But the thing didn’t even look like a spider anymore, it was completely on fire. No big deal or anything. She smiled and the spider crawled straight up to my toe and bit it. Then it was gone.

“What the…?” I started to ask, but the witch lady snapped her fingers and I caught fire. The funny thing was, I wasn’t burning. At all. It was the weirdest thing. Then, all of a sudden, the fire stopped. The witch/thing smiled, and put up her hood, covering her greasy, black hair.

“You’ll be hearing from me.” she said so softly I barely heard her. Then she blinked her almost colorless eyes, and disappeared. I heard a ‘whoosh’ through one of the trees above me, and she was gone. Shrugging I went back inside, stepping around the pile of ashes that used to be the freaky spider.

Little did I know, I just gotten my supervillain powers. Unlike most of the other supervillains you know, I didn’t acquire mine in some, super awesome, heroic action that gave me spectacular powers. I kinda got the short end of the stick, there. In a way, I got my powers the same with the witch chick did, so I kind of, ‘cloned’ her powers, and now they’re mind. Anyway, more of that later.

So, the next morning, when I dragged myself out of bed, I headed downstairs to get some breakfast. I opened my fridge, and there was a yellow sticky note on top of the milk. I ripped it off, and read it.

Welcome to being a Super Villain.

Notice anything… unusual happening?

No? Just wait.(:

On my way out of my bedroom after I had gotten dressed, I quickly looked at myself in the mirror and noticed something really weird. I did a double take, and realized that my back was on fire. I flipped out, and started hitting the flames with pillows, but nothing worked. This is just totally flipping awesome. I thought to myself. By the way, catch the sarcasm there? Good. But I kept hitting the flames, and the fire wouldn’t go away.

Since it didn’t seem to be burning me, I dropped the pillow and looked at the flames in the mirror. That’s when I realized they weren’t flames, they were some kind of weird wings that were attached to my back, made of fire. It was actually pretty cool, and after a few disastrous fails, I realized I could fly with them, too.

In all honesty, I actually thought it was pretty flipping awesome. But, you know, it would be totally weird if someone went out in public with wings made of fire attached to their back. So I threw on a jacket and surprisingly, they fit comfortably underneath.

I looked in the mirror one last time, and blinked my eyes twice. And I was gone. No lie or anything. Gone. Completely and utterly gone. It was the coolest thing. I walked forward and instead of bumping into my nightstand, I went right through it. I guessed that this was power number two. I blinked twice and I appeared again. I tried walking through the dresser, but it didn’t work. Oh, well.

On my way out the door, I lit the fire in the fireplace. I had a thought and decided to try something. I snapped my fingers and the wood caught fire. Power number three! I thought to myself. I leaned forward, and accidentally caught my hair in the flame. It started burning, and I tried to pat it out, but it just kept burning. Except my hair wasn’t burning or anything. It was still in perfect shape. I snapped my fingers and the fire vanished. It was the coolest thing.

As for my costume, that one was probably the simplest. I honestly just threw together some old clothes that make me look all villain-y and killer-like. It was really just a ripped crop top with fringe that tied around, and an uneven skirt that was ripped off at weird lengths around the bottom. For effect, I lit them both on fire so that they looked all awesome and burned. You kinda have to see it to appreciate it. But you know. On my feet, I just wore my old combat boots because, quite honestly, they were the most comfortable.

So, that’s how I got my powers. But, when did I really turn a villain at heart. That’s a hard one. See, I’ve never been the nicest person in the world. But still. I was nice enough. The morons in my town just didn’t seem to see that. I guess that the first time I was really a true villain was last summer, around the Fourth Of July.

I was just walking down the street; it was about a week after I’d gotten my powers. I was still learning how to use them, when I saw a kitten stuck in a tree. I smiled, getting an idea, and blinked my eyes twice, making myself invisible to the crowd of teens coming up the street. I snapped my fingers and the tree caught fire; the teens went insane. The tree burned to the ground, and the cat ended up falling onto the ground, but the tree was gone.

I know its not the worst crime in the world, but it was my first. Don’t judge, because I can guarantee that you probably don’t have the guts to do even that. So please, save the drama for your mamma and keep the nasty comments away.(:

So, I guess there’s only one thing I haven’t exactly covered yet. What is my weakness, you ask? Oh, that’s simple. Spiders. I cannot deal with spiders. If a spider bites me, my powers are messed up for, maybe a week, two weeks tops. I mean, they still work, but they’re messed up and do all sorts of weird things. But you know why. I got my powers from a spider, so spiders are generally my kryptonite.

Anyway, that’s me. Welcome to the world of Flame Girl. Nice meeting yah. Basically, I’ve told you the basics so far. And I’d greatly appreciate it if you didn’t go telling everyone you know, because, you know, my identity is a secret and all. But whatever. I can always come to your house one night and set it on fire or something.(:

MWAHAHAHAHAHA. Just kidding. I’m not that mean.(: Or so you think.

Bye for now, people of the world wide web. It’s been nice talking to yah. Come back soon. I’ll be writing some more. Hopefully. When my schedule allows it.

Peace Out, Internet.

Thanks for listening. See you soon.

-Flame Girl.

PS: Any other super beings out there, feel free to drop me a comment. Maybe we can join forces or something of that nature. That’d be fun, eh?

PSS: If you see any buildings ‘miraculously’ bursting into flames, keep your mouth zipped. Thanks! Bye.

(1,752 words)

Seminar Project: My Opinion

Book Title: Crispin and the Cross of Lead

Book Author: Avi

Number Of Pages: 310

 Protagonist: Crispin


Summary: Crispin, a 13 year old boy who lives in England during the Middle Ages, has just lost his mother, and is now an orphan. Worse, when he fled from his village, he was proclaimed a wolf’s head for a crime he is innocent of. In his search to find freedom, he comes across a man named Bear, who forces Crispin to be his servant, but later takes that back and makes him his apprentice.  On his journey, he learns many things about himself and others, and he even learns how to play music. Alongside Bear, Crispin travels to Great Wexly, where he encounters Aycliffe and finds out that Lord Furnival has died. After weeks and weeks of being chased into many different traps and tricks, he  finally finds out who his father is.

Visual Element: I chose this picture as the visual element because it really describes the book. This picture is a world jumble of most of the keywords in the book, including Crispin’s name, Bear’s name, Avi (the author) and some of the places Crispin travels in the book. I chose this because it describes the book in one simple picture. I also chose this because it was the only picture that came up besides the cover.(:

Rating for the novel: I rate this book a 2 on a scale from 1 to 5. The book is okay in itself, but I can’t really understand what’s going on half the time. The storyline is good most of the time, but there are spots where it’s so boring I fall asleep reading it. Some people really like the book, but I find it dull and hard to understand.

Seminar Project: Plot Analysis

Book Title: Crispin and the Cross of Lead

Book Author: Avi

Number of Pages: 310




Plot Development

Setting: Crispin and the Cross of Lead takes place in the past. The setting of this story is the Middle Ages in England, in a kingdom called Stromford. On page 12, Crispin says, “That life of mine began on the Feast of Saint Giles in the Year of our Lord 1363, the thirty-sixth year of the reign of Edward the Third, England’s great warrior king. We resided in Stromford Village, with its one hundred and fifty souls.”

Characters: The main character, or protagonist, in Crispin and the Cross of Lead is Crispin. The antagonists, or the people ‘against’ Crispin are John Aycliffe, the villagers of Stromford and Great Wexly, the ‘One-Eyed Man’, and anyone else who knows that he was proclaimed a ‘Wolf’s Head’.

Conflict: Throughout the book, Crispin and the Cross of Lead, Crispin is running from John Aycliffe and his men, who have proclaimed Crispin a Wolf’s Head, which means anyone can kill him at any time and it would be legal. Even though Crispin is innocent, the entirevillage ofStromford and Great Wexly believe that he is guilty, and are trying to kill him. One quote from the book that I think describes the book the best is:

“Now, Crispin, tell me of how you came to be proclaimed a wolf’s head.”

By then I had slipped so easily I simply told him what had happened, as much as I could recall.

When I had done he asked “And they proclaimed you a wolf’s head for that?”

I nodded.

“To be a wolf’s head is to say you’re no longer human. So anyone may kill you.” He grinned. “Even me. But,” he went on seriously, “your priest told you to flee.


“And since your steward tried to kill you, your priest was proved right.”

After a moment, I said, “And they killed Father Quinel.”

Bear sat bolt upright. “Killed the priest?” he cried. “In the sacred name of Jesus, why?”

“I don’t know. But when he told me I had to leave, he also promised he’d tell me something of importance before I left. Instead, he was slain.”

“Have you any idea what he was to say?”

“Something about my father. And mother. So I think his death was my doing. God was punishing me.”

Prediction: I predict that at the end of Crispin and the Cross of Lead, Crispin will be proven innocent and will not be a Wolf’s Head any longer. I believe this because there are two other books in the Crispin series, and I don’t think that it would be much fun if he was running from Aycliffe the entire time. I also think that at the end of the book, Crispin will find out who his father is. Crispin’s father is said to have died either before he was born, or very shortly after, in the Black Plague. Crispin never met his father, but I predict that his real father is still alive somewhere. Many elements of the book have pointed towards this, so I’m guessing that his father is a big part of the ending of the story. Lastly, I predict that Crispin will finally find out what is written on the lead cross his mother gave him. The entire book, he has been trying to figure out what it says, but he cannot read, and Bear won’t tell him. Since the cross of lead is in the title, I’m almost positive he will find out what it says at the end of the book.

The End.(:

Seminar Project: The Main Character

  Book Title: Crispin and the Cross of Lead

  Book Author: Avi

  Number Of Pages: 310

  Protagonist: Crispin



External Characteristics: (Page 119) “…my long hair, my dirty, bruised, and tear-streaked face, my red-rimmed eyes…” Crispin lives in the Middle Ages, so he almost never bathes. Since his mother died shortly before this description, he has been crying a lot, causing his eyes to look red and puffy all the time. He can’t remember when he last  got his haircut, which was probably just whacking it off with a knife, since there were no barbers back then. Since his mother’s death, Crispin has been running from his kingdom’s rulers, most of the time through the woods, causing him cuts and bruises all over his face from running through bushes and branches. He only has one outfit that fits him, and he never washes it, because there is no running water for him. From this brief description, I picture Crispin as a shorter, skinnier, 13 year-old. I picture him with dark hair, and his skin must be pale, because he doesn’t eat as much as he should, and when he does, it’s not the healthiest or freshest things around.

Internal Characteristics: One word that I believe describes Crispin is valiant. Valiant means brave, and I believe that Crispin is very brave for a 13 year-old. Being chased by people who want you dead, you have to have guts. Crispin does. I think that if I were in his position, I would be crying in a corner, waiting to be killed. I wouldn’t have half the guts that Crispin has. One quote that supports this is on page 10. “…I was stunned, my breath gone, but I had enough sense to roll over and look back. Above me–at some distance–I saw Aycliffe’s torch, and his face peering down. When I realized he had no idea where I was, I dared not move, when his light finally retreated did I pick myself up and flee. I ran as far as strength and breath allowed, halting only when my legs gave out.” Then, on page 182, when Bear tells him to stay put, he runs away. Here’s the passage: “…Pushing it open, I stepped into an alley that had the most appalling stench. It was the place where privies were set over open ditches. Holding my nose, I shut the door behind me, and raced away.” That was another reason why he was brave. He knew he was supposed to stay put, but he left the cellar anyway. He’s brave enough to go off and live by himself, and find food for himself, even though he’s only 13. If you think about it, that’s really incredible. Most 13 year-olds spend their days watching TV, hanging out with their friends and family, playing sports. Not only that, if something happens to us, we have technology right at our fingertips. Crispin spends his days running from people that want him dead, and in the Middle Ages, there was no technology. That’s pretty brave, don’t you think?

Another word I believe describes Crispin is dejected. In the book, Crispin isn’t happy a lot of the time. Sometimes when he’s with his ‘master’, Bear, but not a lot. He has no father, no mother, no aunts or uncles, and no brothers or sisters. He’s on the run, because he was declared a ‘Wolf’s Head’, which means anyone can kill you, and it’s not against the law. One example of this is on page 2, when Crispin is burring his mother. While he is mourning her, he says, “…Other than the priest, my mother had no friends. She was often taunted by the villagers. Still, I had thought of her as a woman of beauty…” While Crispin’s mother was shunned, so was he. This makes him sad a good deal of the time, even before he was being chased by Aycliffe. I don’t blame Crispin for being sad, think about how you would be acting if you were in his position. The other example of this that I chose is vaguer, but it still supports my initial statement. On page 129, when Bear is asking Crispin a question, Crispin responds with a totally pessimistic response, because he’s so down in the dumps, he doesn’t know how else to respond. “‘This is the only road,’ he explained. ‘Have you anything to say to this?’ ‘I told you they would come after me.’ This proves that Crispin is in a bad mood all the time.

The next word I chose for Crispin is muddled. Whenever someone asks him a question, he’s very timid to answer, and when he does, he finds himself at a loss for words a lot. When people ask him to do something with or for them, he seems like he’s in awe. One example of this is on page  112: “‘You’re my master,’ I said. ‘I have no choice.’ ‘Crispin, decide,’ Bear barked. I shook my head. ‘It’s not for me to do so.’ ‘Should not every man be master of himself?’ he asked. ‘You made me call you master.'” In that passage, you can see that Crispin isn’t used to being able to make choices for himself. Another example is on page 120: “‘…when I reach a village, I apply to the priest, to the local lord, or bailiff. The reeve if necessary. Anyone in authority from whom I can get permission to perform.’ ‘And…and, you wish me to go with you?’ I asked. ‘Of course.’ ‘But Bear,’ I said, ‘what if I’m recognized?'” You can see here that Crispin doesn’t really know what to do with freedom.

 The last word I chose for Crispin is dependent. Even though Crispin can live on his own, he isn’t good at it. At all. Once he met Bear, he became very dependent on his presence. Bear now gets him food, clothes, and shelter. Crispin would have never done as good as he is doing now without him. If he hadn’t met Bear, I would think he would have been captured by Aycliffe and killed, or just died from starvation. One of the ways that I know this is on page 179, when Bear shows him a secret hiding place. He says, “It’s a hiding place. It will hold you, and me too, for that matter, if there’s a need.” Crispin says, “Will there be a need?” and Bear replies, “By all of Heaven’s sacred saints, I pray not.” Without Bear’s help, Crispin would have nowhere to hide if something bad happens. Bear provides him with so much, he would be lost without him. He’s also very dependent on God. Everything he does relies on what God would think. On page 82, when Bear proclaims Crispin his servant, he makes him vow never to leave or, “…May the all-seeing God strike [you] dead where [you] stand…” Crispin never leaves because of his fear of  what God would do to him if he left.



Ow. I sat on the cold concrete floor, angrily trying to think of how I was going to get out of this. Out of what, you ask? How ’bout I start from the beginning…

So, this morning, on top of my terrible, unbearably painful migraine, I woke up freezing cold. Wow. The only thing that could make this any worse would be if I woke up in jail. Ha! That would be funny. Funnier if I was alone with two strangers who I’d never seen before. And no idea how I got there.

So, if you have half a brain, you’ve probably figured out that I wasn’t babbling on about this for no reason at all. No, I actually did wake up in jail. With two strangers. And a terrible headache.

What the–?

I sat down slowly, hearing a weird jingling in my pockets. Reaching down into my pocket, I pulled out a ninja mask and two strips of bacon. As I wonder why the heck they’re here, I remember something…

“Leave. Now.” said the man.

“Nahh.” I crossed my arms.

“Fine then. Have it your way.” Snapping his fingers, three ninjas appeared.

Um, what?! Excuse me for a second, but why are there ninjas in my flashback? Are there ninjas in your flashback? I think not… Normal people do not have ninjas in their flashbacks… But then again, normal people don’t wake up in jail with no flying clue how they got there. Anyway, forgive me. Continue.

The ninjas grabbed me and threw me in the back of a truck. I whirled, and one of the ninjas lunged for me. Instinctively, I punched him in the face and ripped off his mask. Stuffing it in my pocket, I spotted a bag with food over in the corner of the truck. I pulled out the first thing I saw. Bacon Bits. Yum… 😀

A little less confused, I reached my hand into my pocket again, pulling out another item. It was a napkin with a phone number scrawled on it. I remembered something…

The door snapped open and a tall figure stood in front of me.


“Uhm, hey?”

 “Okay, you have no idea how much I love you! Can I get your autograph?!”

“Uhh, sure.” He scribbled his name (and number. EEEEP!) on a napkin and gave it to me.

I reached into my pocket one last time and pulled out wad of money and a diamond ring. Ohhhhh, I thought, remembering. That’s how I got here….

“Will you marry me?!” I blurted out.

“…Sure. But you have to do something first.”

“Anything!” I said, like the lovestruck idiot I was.

“Go rob that bank down the street. You do that, and I’ll marry you.”


Anyway, long story short, I did rob the bank. And Alex Pettyfer did propose to me (EEEEEEP!). So, that’s where the diamond ring and the wad of cash came from.

Anyway, thanks for listening….

Now I just have to figure out how to get out of here before my wedding….

My Digital Footprint

Hey, guys! Did you know that when you come up in search results on the internet, it’s called a Digital Footprint? Well, here’s mine! I typed in my name on Google, and here’s what I got.

First, when searching my name and my town, I found a newspaper article from when I was six years old, in Girl Scouts. It was an article that was advertising Girl Scout Cookies that we were selling. I think it’s cool that an article from almost seven years ago is still up on the internet, and I never knew it was there. That was the only search result for my name and my town, so I just searched my first and last name next.

When I searched my name into the search bar, I got a whole bunch of search results from dance. Since I compete every year, I got quite a few search results for my name, because competitions have websites where they post the winners of the competition. My name was found on the Ticket To Broadway site  for my solo, Nocturn, my group, Drop In The Ocean, and my second group, Mystique. I was also mentioned for being accepted into the Circle Of Stars, a dance group that performs at Nationals with a whole bunch of other dancers. I also  found my name on my old dance studio’s site, on the page where they post the awards from competitions. I also found my name on my old dance studio’s site, and on two other competition’s sites. I think this is really cool that this is on the internet, because people all over the world can see my awards from those competitions. I’m excited to see how my Digital Footprint grows over the years.(:

My Top Five Things Favorite Things In My House!

 Hey! Have you ever thought about your top five things… ever? I never really did, until today. But if I had to choose, this is what I would pick. Here’s my top five things that I found around my house!

1 . My favorite thing in the whole wide world is music. Without music, I wouldn’t be half the person I am now. That’s why I’d have to pick my iPod for my first favorite thing in my house. When I’m at home, it doesn’t matter what I’m doing, you can see me almost 80% of the time with headphones in my ears. Once, I went to blow my nose with my earphones in. Here’s a little piece of advice: Don’t ever blow your nose with earphones in. Not exactly a walk in the park if you ask me!(: Anyway, back to my point. My iPod goes everywhere with me, even if it isn’t charged, because there might be some terrible emergency where I need to listen to my music.(: Even when I’m in the car, the radio is on. I don’t really mind what it is, I’ll listen to pretty much anything. Being a dancer, music is a huge part of my life, and I honestly don’t think I could live without it. I kill the replay button on my iTunes for myLinkinPark playlist. They’re my favorite band! My iPod has been through so much, and that’s why it is my favorite thing.

2. My next favorite thing that you can find in my house is food. Any kind of food, any time of day, hot or cold, spicy or bland, I’ll eat it! Some girls my age watch what they eat, but I’m totally the opposite. I’ll eat anything I want, anytime. I’m very active all year-round, so what I eat doesn’t really bother me. Unlike other kids my age, I’ll eat almost any kind of fruit or vegetable, except bananas and celery. Apple sauce is one of my favorite foods, and I eat it almost every day. I also love chocolate (like most other people on the planet) and my mom’s soups. They are some of my favorite things to eat. Like I said, I’m not a picky eater, which is why food is another one of my favorite things in my house.

3. My next favorite thing that you can find in my house is my computer. (This one is tied with my cell phone, because I can’t decide!) I have a purple Dell laptop, which my parents got me for Christmas last year. I love my laptop, and I use it least once every day. It’s a little lower on the list because it’s big, and not very portable. ): But I still love it anyway. My little brother always hogs the family computer, so my laptop is my lifeline when it comes to homework.(: Most kids use their computers just for things like Facebook, but I use mine all the time, for all different reasons. It’s saved my life so many times that I’ve left something at school. That’s why my laptop is number three on my favorite things you can find in my house.

4. My fourth favorite thing in my house is my ballet shoes. I know this sounds weird, but I’m a dancer. That pretty much explains it. I dance at Savage Dance Company in Maryland, and my life basically revolves around dance. I take ballet, modern, lyrical/contemporary, jazz, tap, and usually every year I compete with the Company, and travel around to conventions like The Pulse, Nuvo, and some others. Even though my dance shoes are usually worn down and sweaty, they’re really comforting to me. I’ve been dancing since I was four years old, (my first production was when I was five) and my shoes are kind of like an old freind to me. Even though they hurt my feet so bad after dancing for hours, but I have still to even begin thinking about how much worse it would be without them. So, since I’m a dancer, and that’s practically 60% (if not more) of my life, my ballet shoes are my fourth favorite item in my hosue.

5. My fifth favorite thing you can find in my house is my Amika straightener. I use it every morning, and it has saved my life so many time in the past three years.(: I just recently had a zebra print one, but it broke (bummer!) so now I am using my mom’s old Conair. Literally, almost every single morning of the year, I get up and plug my straightener in. It’s like a morning tradition for me. I am currently looking online for a giraffe print one, because I don’t think I can live without it for any longer!(: Anyway, being the crazy hair freak that I am, my fifth favorite item you can find in my house is my straightener! 😀

So, this has been my top five favorite things you can find in my house. Thanks for reading! Check back in soon!


My Bucket List

Hey! So, in case you don’t know, a bucket list is a list of things someone puts together to do before they die, or, kick the bucket. Mine’s kind of long… so, here goes!

1. One thing I’d absolutely, positively love to do before I die, is go hot air ballooning or parasailing. I’ve always thought that it must feel so cool to be up so high! See, I’ve always wanted to go, but never had the chance (or guts) to do it. I will definitely end up going sometime in the (hopefully) near future. I’ve also always wanted to go bungee jumping and skydiving. Even though I’m a little bit afraid of heights, those are some things I’ve always wanted to do, and plan to do before I die. It just looks like so much fun!


2. Another goal I have before I die is to get married on the beach Hilton Head Island. I go to that beach every year on vacation, and it is my home away from home. When I get married, I want to have my wedding reception on the Palmetto Dunes Beach, right near the water. It seems kind of silly, but I’ve always wanted to have my wedding there.

3. I’ve also always had a dream of being on TV before I die. Whether it be for dance or acting, I really don’t mind, I’ve just always wanted to be on TV for something. When I’m older, I plan to audition for FOX’s dance show, So You Think You Can Dance, which I’ve dreamed to do since I was around seven years old. The winner gets a quarter of a million dollars, the title ‘America’s Favorite Dancer’, and you also get to come back and perform on the show as an All Star. On the show, you get to perform in every style (from Ballroom to Lyrical-HipHop) with other dancers who are competing with you. The routines are choreographed by world famous choreographers, and most have been nominated for Emmy’s also. Being a dancer myself, I go to conventions each year and have already danced with a few of the choreographers and judges from the show. I’d also love to be on Broadway, at least once. If, for some reason, that doesn’t work out, I’ve always wanted to be on TV for acting also. Since I was little, I’ve always wanted to be an actress in movies, but I’ve never had the guts to do it. Maybe when I’m older, I’ll have enough courage to audition for something.

 4. Another thing I’ve always wanted to get done before I die, is to have a book of mine published and make it to the top of the New York Times Bestseller List. Everyone tells me that this goal is kind of out of reach, but I’ve been writing since I was really little, and people tell me I have real talent with it. I love writing fiction, and have already written a few stories and even a short book so far.

5. Before I die, I want to go scuba diving  and/or snorkling. I love learning about the oceans, and the fish and creatures that live in them, and I’ve always thought that it must be amazing to be inches away from fish and other underwater creatures in the clear water. My parents went snorkling on their honeymoon, and they say that it’s so unbelievably beautiful.


6. Something else I’ve wanted to accomplish before I die is to be in the eye of a hurricane. I’ve always thought that that would be so cool, since the rest of the hurricane would keep going, and you’d be in the center, where the weather is perfect and clear. I don’t know why, but I’ve just always wanted to.

7. Before I die, I’d love to have a pet bird. Preferably one that can talk, like a parrot. When my mom was younger, she owned a lot of birds, and I’ve known a few people with birds who can copy words. I think they are just so pretty, and I would love to own a big bird before I die.


8.  Also, before I die, I would love to get into an Ivy League collage. My top choices are Harvard, Yale, University of Pennsylvania, or Princeton. But if I don’t make it into any of them, I’d also love to go to Julliard.

9. The other I want to do before I die is to dye my hair a crazy color, like pink, purple, green, red, or blue. Not the whole thing, but maybe the underside, the ends, or maybe even highlights. I always thought that must look really cool. I’m looking forward to the day when my parents say it’s okay for me to dye it. They say when I turn thirteen, so hopefully it will happen soon!


10. The last thing I want to do before I die is visit Yosemite National Park with my mom. It’s a really beautiful place, with trees that are thousands of years old, and really pretty mountains everywhere. It’s her favorite place in the world, and I’ve always wanted to go with her.